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Student Management

AIE's 10+ years-experience in student management provides Chinese families wide range of services for any difficulties students and their parents may encounter throughout their study abroad years. Services include but are not limited to:

1. A securely-locked database to provide a safe platform for all our students' documents and records.

2. A student-parent communication portal for parents or guardians to receive updated information about their child at any time anywhere.

3. In addition to our professional bi-lingual student coordinator team, we also provide a 24/7 emergency contact hotline so that there is always someone to support our students.

4. Our academic advisor team will work closely with our teachers' team to make sure our students' academic performances are on track and aligned with school requirements.

5. We provide comprehensive medical insurance for our students through the United Healthcare Network.

6. We provide new student orientations, host family training and parent conferences on various topics.

7. We work with professional youth mental health professionals to provide emotional and mental support to our students

8. We organize group student activities periodically such as college visits, volunteer and community service activities, study tours and customized seasonal trips during school or holiday breaks.