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Services & Fees

Below services are to your family's choice:

____ 1. Test Practice at AIE to your choice (SAT, ACT, PSAT, Pre-ACT, AP, SSAT, ISEE) $10.00/test

Each test is proctored and followed with detailed unparalleled test report within 48hrs. The test report provides in-depth analysis on student’s test taking skills, content knowledge strengths and weaknesses, test records data comparison and progress chart, as well as test prep recommendations.

____ 2. Hourly Consultation Service: $ 80.00/hr

AIE is available for hourly consultation services to provide information and advice to your education planning needs.

____ 3. Customized Consulting Service Blocks: $ 250.00/block

Purchase a pre-paid four-hour block of time to be used for any college service that you need.

The choice is yours! Choices include but not limited to:

• Mock Interview • Activities Résumé Editing • Essay Brainstorming or Editing • Test Prep

• Parenting • Application • Academic Timeline Planning • Mindfulness & Executive Functioning

• Athletic timeline planning • Gap Year Planning • Financial Aid & Scholarships • College List

• Student Personality, Interest, learning style or Career Preference Assessment

• College Decision Letter Comparison • Transitioning from High School to College

Since payment for this option is nonrefundable, it is the responsibility of the family to make arrangements for the time to be used. In some cases, such as editing or college research, there will be non-meeting time.

____ 4. Early College Planning I – 8th Grade to end of Freshman Year $ 200.00

• Review of academic record

• Advice on course selection

• Recommendations on extracurricular involvement and summer activities

• Testing recommendations

• Discussion about high school timeline & how to make high school a successful endeavor

• Student wellness and emotion support

____ 5. Early College Planning II – Sophomore Year $ 300.00

• Includes all services in (#4) Early Planning I PLUS:

• Administration of learning styles and study skills assessment

• Financial Aid Application Early Planning

____ 6. College Planning III - Junior Year $ 1,500.00

• Review of prior academic accomplishments

• Advice on course selection

• Recommendations for extracurricular involvement

• Testing recommendations (SAT or ACT, IB/AP, when to schedule, or if test prep necessary)

• In-depth interview on college preferences of both student and parent

• Career planning by administering career assessment and personality inventory

• Refinement of choices of college type and major using interest survey(s)

• Advice on making successful college visits

• Preparation of a selected list of colleges that is uniquely suited to the student

____ 7. College Planning IV: Senior Year $ 2,000.00

• Financial Aid (FAFSA, CSS Profile, Institution Aid filing) consulting

• Essay and Supplement Essay brainstorming and editing

• Editing of the activities résumé

• Review of Applications, College list finalization, EA/ED school/s finalization

• Recommendations for college interviews

• Help with making final choice when decision letters are received, financial aid appeal if needed

____ 8. College Planning Silver Package (Combination of #6 and #7) $3,000.00

____ 9. College Planning Gold Package (Combination of #4,#5, #6 and #7) $3,500.00

____10. Group Service is available. We will conduct career and personality assessment, essay brainstorming, college research, college visit and high school to college transition workshops in group setting. Financial aid, essay editing, college list build sessions will still be in one-on-one setting for each student of the group. We will make sure students benefit from both group learning and individualized services through this option.

____ 11. Group of Two Silver   $2,000.00/Student                                       ____12. Group of Two Gold $2,300.00/Student

____ 13. Group of Three & Above Silver                                                    $1,500.00/Student

____ 14. Group of Three & Above Gold                                                     $1,800.00/Student

All Silver and Gold Package students are eligible for AIE’s UNLIMITED test practice services!!!

Above prices are current through 12/31/2021

AIE offers student scholarships and discounts to low-income, underrepresented, first generation student, AIE retains sole discretion to each student case, please check in with us if you have special circumstances. We strive to make our service available for each family!