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Why Hire a Consultant?

Each year the college admissions process becomes more complicated. With the huge shift in the nation’s college-age population, students need every advantage when it comes to the applications to their chosen schools. Students need to start early and to make careful college choices to ensure that they are finding schools where they will be not only happy and successful, but also where they will be admitted in today’s extremely competitive market. Many high school students are unsure of their goals and aspirations, and that is to be expected! It is all too easy to be swayed by peers or the lure of the college with the best football team or U.S. News & World Report Ranking. With personalized One-on-one assistance from a professional, students will be better equipped to examine their strengths and weaknesses and determine what type of college will provide the best fit for them.

The Investment of a lifetime

Your child’s college education will be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. The high price tag of many colleges and universities often overshadows the application process. Making the wrong college choice can prove costly in that it can add years to the time necessary to complete an undergraduate degree, not to mention the emotional strain on the student and family. The advice of a college consultant generally increases the likelihood that you child will select the school that is right for them.

Choose an Expert Who Will Take the Time

Today’s school guidance counselors wear many hats, and it is difficult if not impossible for them to give substantial time or individual attention to your child’s college search. At AIE, finding the right college for the student is our highest priority. We spend enough time with each student to be able to design a program best suited to their individual needs and work out a balanced college list that fits each student and family academically, socially as well as financially. AIE is an authorized user of Guidedpath, which is a supreme tool to organize the entire student college application process with its encrypted exclusive resources such as financial aid simulator, college data comparison, etc. We will collaborate with student and family through Guidedpath platform every step of the way till our last session of counseling--transitioning from high school to college.


If you were selling/buying your home, you will probably hire a real estate agent who will walk you through every step of the process. Having someone who understands the system can also help ease this stressful time, which echoes our mission that is to demystify and destress college application and admission process. So, when making decisions about your child’s future, shouldn’t you hire an expert? We regularly attend professional conferences and workshops to stay current on developments in education field. We know what reliable resources to share with our student and parents so that you won’t be inundated by unfiltered info from internet which could be misleading. AIE provides a highly personalized experience for your child. Your son or daughter will receive one-on-one interactions, guidance, and options that they cannot receive elsewhere. To add an extra layer of our care on your child’s holistic wellbeing, we synchronize mindfulness, oriental philosophy of balance keeping techniques into our counseling. Thank you for your consideration!