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Our Story

As the founder of AIE, Belle immigrated to the U.S. in 2008 as an exchange scholar when she was a graduate student at Capital Normal University English Literature Department in Beijing, China. Her cross-cultural studies major plus 10+ years U.S. residence life-experience make her understanding and compassionate to people with diverse ethnic backgrounds. She started teaching English in high school and has taught a range of student levels, from three-year-old elementary school students to renowned corporate professionals from Air China, Ecco, Starbucks etc. Committing the past 10 years to Chinese students studying abroad in U.S. secondary schools field, she has served as department director in several leading international education service companies supporting over 2,000 students as team leader. Her expertise on academic and college counseling made her well suited as a center director of a national test prep company. She proudly received her MBA degree while performing major responsibilities as corporate leader and, most importantly, loving mother of two kids. She loves to encourage students of all backgrounds to never stop pursuing their dreams and work above and beyond what they think they could achieve. As a mother and educator who has been working years with teenagers, she not only cares about student's academic performance, she also cares about the student's holistic well-being and their mental health. She believes a healthy mind is the foundation of students' sources of positivity and long-lasting success through the marathon that is life!

Mission Statement: We seek to educate and serve the whole student with warmth and respect for each individual's unique strengths and goals!